Post Harvest Report January 5, 2015 11:26

Harvest is over but we are back in the cellar now that the holiday season is behind us. We're tasting the fruits of our labor from last fall, bottling some new whites and some of the '13 reds and planning some events.

As you may know, we added a few things with harvest '13, including barrel fermented Chenin, high altitude Syrah and Mèthode Traditionelle Chenin Blanc. We're bottling the Syrah next week, releasing the sparkling on Wednesday and the barrel matured Chenin is almost sold out.

New for us in '14 is a Pét-Nat of Chenin Blanc, several Zinfandels from various area vineyards, a Cinsualt, a Mourvèdre from the foothills and unique Mountain Chenin from Sutter Creek: 40 year old own rooted, dry farmed stuff. Hope to get 17 cases.....