Aparicio Vineyards

Apariocio Vineyard was planted to Zinfandel and Carrignan in 1934 at the top of Ridge Road just outside Sutter Creek CA by Santos Aparicio. The soil is a remnant of a Mehrten mud flow, which is a volcanic conglomerate of iron rich clay and andesite cobbles. This deposit overlies slate and green schists. There is no water on the property whatsoever, so the vines were established by watering them by hand from a barrel that was filled in the creek below and hauled up to the vineyard by mule. In 1973 Joe Aparicio took over for his father and planted Chenin Blanc in the same fashion; own rooted, head trained and watered by hand.

Today John and Steve Murrill, Joe's neighbors, farm the vineyard just as Joe and his father farmed it: naturally, sustain-ably, utilizing cover crops and methodical pruning. We pick Zinfandel and Chenin Blanc from this his magnificent vineyard.