2019 Nebbiolo

$ 25.00

Vineyard: Heringer Estates

The Heringer family has a long history of farming in Clarksburg and has begun setting the example for organic
farming in the region. The Nebbiolo we make from their vineyard is one of the lightest and most varietally
correct you will find in California. That being said, the five rows of Nebbiolo they have planted is quite
different from what we see in Italy. The soils are much richer here in the delta, the weather is much warmer
and the vines are pruned in a completely opposite way than what is the tradition in Italy. It’s trained on a
quadrilateral cordon system and cropped at 5 tons to the acre. The traditional method is cane pruning and
one is likely to see much lower yields.
As with all of the fruit we work with we make picking decisions based on pH, flavors, the color of the seeds
and separation of pulp and Brix. In that order. We picked this vineyard in ’18 and ’19 at the same pH: 3.2 with
brown seeds. In ’18 Brix was 23; in ’19 Brix was 22. If we had waited longer, as most do in this situation, we
may have achieved darker color but clearly the alcohol would have been very high and we would have missed
out on all of the great natural acidity and the tannin, too. This is why we stress picking ‘early’ so much.

The Cellar:

This is one of our wines we refer to as partial-carbonic since we do not destem or foot tread the clusters. We
simply pour them into open top one ton fermenters, put the lid on let nature takes it’s course until we press at
about 0 Brix to a neutral 600L oval shaped foudre. The wine remains sur lie until we bottle without fining or
filtration in March.

The Numbers:

Harvest date: September 18
pH: 3.2
Brix: 22
ABV: 12.07%

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